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Saudi Diesel escape to the UAE and is sold on the black market

Saudi Diesel escape to the UAE and is sold on the black market

Eighth cargo tank 8 thousand riyals in Sharjah and sold more than 100 thousand

Tuesday 18 May 1433 e - April 10, 2012 AD

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Some traders and brokers smuggling operations, to the massive amounts of diesel to the UAE, Saudi Arabia and sell it at exorbitant prices. Featuring smuggling operations being passed through the border with tanks that Saudi plates normally and legally via the official between the two countries, it is according to documents and papers and tests loaded with oil and derivatives allowed to be exported and sold, such as hydraulic oil, or oil burned.

But once the reach the land of the UAE until we discover the fact that these fuels it diesel, if it is mixed through a chemical process in oil and are quickly working to separate them by a specialized factory to track the process of selling diesel, and begin the process of smuggling "legal", which is full of fraud, forgery, and to circumvent the law and the facts the existence of four factories in Al-Kharj and tuberculous and the Jeddah and Dammam, as well as in the eastern region, according to Al-Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

Traders and drivers of tankers and are greeted by implementing dealers or brokers of Asian nationalities in one area of ​​Sharjah's industrial area a desert far from the city, and are selling diesel at attractive prices relative to real prices in the UAE with a high price of diesel gasoline.

Abu Meshaal said he knows of those groups that sell diesel smuggled through hundreds of tanks Saudi daily move from Saudi Arabia to the UAE, and win a lot of money through fraud, cheating and circumvent the law, where he owns traders plants and factories for such tasks is not "normal" you mix diesel with hydraulic oil, and add a chemical alleviate the smell of diesel.

And confirms Abu Meshal that this process to Z. fraud and forgery and circumvent the law, smuggling, corruption and the corruption of and beyond the law and custom, tradition and ethics, and therefore does not need to fight and put an end to it for final disposal, and explains Abu Meshaal said: It is the process of fraud, cheating and clear, How can it be to circumvent the law by taking advantage of some of the chemicals that allow mixing with diesel oil in a number of plants allocated to it, and then work to be separated after they have entered the UAE in a legal cross-border and customs.

He continues, Abu Mashal: There are some petroleum products are sold and exported to the outside while the law prohibits the Saudi sale and export of gasoline and diesel, individually or otherwise, or outside the scope of work and the role of the state, but allows the circulation and sale of some oil derivatives, other, and between these derivatives allowed Hydraulic oil, which has a rate very low as is the case with other petroleum products in the Kingdom, but the exploiters do not leave any idea or a gap only and use them to achieve more profits at the expense of the right of the citizen and the damage to the country's economy, because gasoline and diesel Mdaoman by the state to ease Saarama on the citizen and consumer within the Kingdom, is a liter of gasoline or diesel is the cheaper price in the region.

Because of their knowledge apparently a difference of prices between diesel in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, has invented some new ways to smuggle diesel taking advantage of the idea of ​​allowing the sale of other derivatives such as oil, hydraulic, where they add a chemical to diesel in the tanks loaded with oil, hydraulic, but in fact diesel mixed it and is separated later with chemicals and specialized plants prepared for this purpose, as well as heated to a certain temperature to camouflage and trickery to pass to cross the border ports of diesel, are separated for diesel oil.

The sale takes place smoothly, as there is in the industrial zone "desert", which we had difficulty to access them, stands the tanks during the morning and there are also traders waiting, brokers and middlemen, who sell diesel to consumers and they are many but the majority of nationalities Asian, and averse to speak or talk or communicate for sale with any other individual, and we have tried in vain to communicate with them in various ways by talking direct or dial-up or the claim that we need to quantities of diesel but they were determined to deny knowledge of diesel that is sold here in the region.

But we can by talking with some of the workers who work with them and they said that the sales are in the morning and rarely remains any amount in the evening, given the large acceptance of buyers it, and the customers always are present and ready, so you want any amount you to be present early goals in the place of this Otherwise, would not Tlhakoa because of the cheap price compared to the price dear in the UAE, as the price per liter in the Kingdom "Quarter Real" The price of 3.70 riyals in the UAE.

He continues, Abu Meshaal said: It is the process of smuggling diesel Arabia to the UAE at the height of the day, up to one part of the Sharjah Industrial receive large numbers of tanks Arabia loaded with diesel, a diesel smuggled under the name of Oil Hydraulic, where leave Saudi Arabia on the grounds that oil, hydraulic, and issued its export certificate from the Ministry of Commerce as the oil hydraulic, and then sold in the UAE on the basis that diesel and teams eight times the price at least, the price of a cargo tank 8 thousand Saudi Riyals and is sold in the UAE more than 100 thousand Saudi Riyals, and issues of the tank loader Certificate of Saudi Arabia that the cargo tank and hydraulic oil loaded in this article can be transferred (27 -30) tons means 26 tonnes of diesel and 4 tons of hydraulic oil as shows us the Abu Meshaal, who was dealing with this category.

The Director General of Customs in Saudi Arabia Saleh bin impervious cell has revealed in previous statements about the presence of the so-called oil smuggling with different names as oil burned or cooking oil, said that the Customs to take samples and are analyzed in laboratories, the proportion of diesel than 5% are confiscated and considered smuggling, explaining that the more countries that are smuggling them are UAE, where the price of the diesel and kerosene to eight times its price in the Kingdom.

The Economic Department in Dubai seized in October the year before last, about 45 truck sells diesel smuggled from neighboring Gulf countries, the department said it fined the owners of these trucks, according to the violation of which reads "Doing business without a license", as it hovered value of irregularities between 3000 and 5000 AED per truck. Circle time and warned of what he described as "black market" for the sale of oil products in Dubai, the emirate as it roamed the streets of some 250 trucks a day for the sale of diesel smuggled from neighboring Gulf countries, at a price less than the price of local petrol station.

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